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A Guide to Connecting with Your Teenage Grandchildren

Enough of the grunted, one-word answers! From sharing music and stories about milestone events to reconciling with the generation in between (aka your grandchild’s parents), Where Two World’s Meet is a caring, tactical guide for grandparents on the secret to entering their tween and older grandchild’s world, and how to give grandchildren a peak into their own world, for deeper connection across the generations and all the physical and mental health benefits that come with that. Learn more in the full press release.

Coming June 2022!

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About the Authors, Jerry Witkovsky and Deana Shoss

Jerry Witkovsky Passion, Creativity Commitment

JERRY WITKOVSKY (MSW, University of Illinois) is a beloved mentor to thousands of individuals and generations of families, thanks to forty-seven years of professional leadership, eighteen of them as General Director of the Jewish Community Centers of Chicago. In 1995 he was named one of the city’s “Most Effective Non-Profit CEOs” by Crain’s Chicago Business.. Since his 1997 retirement, Jerry has focused his considerable energies on grandparenting facilitation—helping multigenerational families work (and play) together to create a rich family life. He has partnered with JCC and YMCA to create a writing prompt program serving over four hundred grandparents on three continents as well as a virtual improv program with UK’s Nursery Theatre. He currently spearheads a growing number of school-based programs designed to strengthen connections between grandparents and their teenagers.

DEANNA SHOSS (MA, DePaul University) is a marketer, writer, and interculturalist based in Chicago. As Founder and CEO of Intercultural Talk, Inc., Deanna inspires people to learn, create, and contribute across the lifespan. She works with non-digital natives to help them promote their mission-driven businesses or life projects with digital, intercultural, and real-life marketing. She takes an intergenerational approach that combines online communication platforms such as websites/blogs, social media, and video with tried and true practices such as partnership building, email marketing, and in-person events. Previously, Deanna enjoyed eleven years in city government (she personally got the dinosaur at O’Hare International Airport through security), being past President of the League of Chicago Theatres (where she was recognized in 2005 among “Who’s Who in Chicago Business” by Crain’s Chicago Business), leading Public Relations for McDonald’s Owner/Operators of Eastern New England, and directing marketing for Jewish Child & Family Services and JVS Chicago. Deanna writes for the National Diversity Council and is the Tech Columnist for Grand Magazine. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French, and is a certified group fitness instructor. Learn more at