Jerry loves to talk about grandparenting and to inspire grandparents whenever he can. Thanks to these wonderful podcasters who invited him on his show:


Words of Wisdom with Shelby


Words of Wisdom with ShelbyIn this episode we sit down with Jerry Witkovsky who is 92 years old and hands down an amazing person. I was introduced to Jerry just a few weeks ago through a podcast listener and he has quickly become a friend, mentor, and overall someone I am extremely grateful to know. Jerry has just finished writing his second book called The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection (available on Amazon)! This is VERY close to my heart since that is my passion as well, to help inspire and create a deeper connection between grandparents and grandchildren! Jerry focuses a little bit more so on the Grandparent side and he has even created 2 online courses! He is a longtime social-work professional, grandparenting activist and passionate Grandpa.

I think what I love most is that Jerry is a curious person, always seeking to learn and create and has no plans to slow down.. age is just a number to Jerry! I have no doubt this episode will inspire you to live your life to the fullest just like he does :).

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Adventures with Grammy with Carolyn Berry


The ninth episode of the Adventures with Grammy® podcast looks at grandparent programs in public and private schools. This podcast features three segments and six guests. The first segment, with guests guests Jerry Witkovsky and Deanna Shoss, discussed how to setup a grandparent program at your grandchild’s high school.

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The Grand Life with Emily Morgan


Continuing the theme from last episode, Emily speaks with a 93-year-old grandfather, author, and active advocate of capturing and then “unleashing” grandparent stories. His creative partner in their website adds helpful details about a program that helps grands become powerful and prolific story-makers.

Listen to the full episode here.