Jerry Witkovsky Passion, Creativity CommitmentGrandparents are such a vital part of our grandchildren’s lives. We invite you to share your world and experiences with them by writing the stories that shaped your life.

I’m Jerry Witkovsky, grandpa to 6 wonderful grandchildren, who, like yours, are the most amazing and wonderful grandchildren in the world. I’m also the proud grandpa of three great grandchildren.

I find that when grandparents unleash our creativity, share the things we are passionate about with our grandchildren, and make a commitment to staying actively engaged in their lives, we can have a transformative effect on our families.

I invite you to take this journey to share more about you, and let your grandchildren enter your world, as an invitation to enter theirs.

Thanks you!

Jerry Witkovsky
Proud Grandpa and former General Director of JCC Chicago


Here’s how I got started writing my stories.

My granddaughter Jessica was the one who inspired me to write my stories. “What was life like when you were a boy, Grandpa Jerry?” she started asking me last year. “What were some favorite games you played with your friends? What did you spend your allowance on? What were your parents and grandparents like?”

As our grandchildren grow up, at some point they recognize that grandma and grandpa are real people who had their own lives. And they hunger to know more about us. Luckily for Jessica, I’m still around at 93 to tell my stories! But you don’t have to wait.

Try it, You’ll Like It! Sample Past Prompts

These are your stories. Your treasures.

They will capture your memories, your milestones, your feelings, to share a secret peek into your world with your own grandchildren.

And, it can take as little as 10 minutes each time! Why 10 minutes? It’s an easy time commitment. For that short period of time you will write non-stop. Don’t allow any other voice in your head to derail you! If you write by hand, don’t pick your pen up from the page. Or write on your computer and never lift your fingers from the keyboard. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, just keep writing. You can edit later if you so choose. Each prompt is the beginning of the first sentence of your story. Write it down and let it flow from there.


There’s no right or wrong. There’s just you. Ready, set, go!

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So what’s stopping you?

It doesn’t matter if call yourself a writer or this is your first venture into new territory. All you need is love for your grandchildren and family and a desire to open yourself up and invite them to enter your world. Our hope is to provide some structure and encouragement to support you in your writing during this time.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me directly.

PS. Don’t worry about spelling!