Grandparents just want to be helpful during these challenging times.

But what happens when grandparents live in another city? Or when concerns about COVID prevent meeting in person?

This 2nd panel in the Lifelines for a Lifetime series will cover tactics and ideas for using technology to stay connected, diminish feelings of isolation, and provide mutual support across the generations of the family. Beyond connection how can you magnify your relationship—with Zoom family meetings, social media, long-distance game playing, cloud collaboration and more?

At the end of this panel discussion, you will…

  • Have at least three tactics to diminish anxiety around technology
  • Know at least five ideas to connect with grandchildren and your family using technology
  • Understand how grandchildren at different ages engage with technology
  • Create your own action plan moving forward

Read the full story and learn about the panelists here.


Round 3…Grandparents, Write Your Stories!

A New Round of 12 Prompts Begins November 29
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The Grandparent-Grandchild Connection is delighted to be embarking in a third round of writing prompts for the Grandparents Write You Story series, co-presented with JCC Chicago. We had over 200 grandparents from 22 states and Canada participate in the last series that began in September on Grandparents Day.

YMCA to Join Write Your Stories

The YMCA of Chicago is the newest partner to join JCC Chicago and us on the next round. We continue with prompts to elicit special memories and conjure the sights, sounds, and smells of your earlier days. This time we also go a little deeper, mixing in prompts to look at the causes that drove you to action and ideas about which you are passionate.

Sign up today for story writing prompts that will start November 29. 


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