Through the many years that I’ve been listening to grandparents share their hopes and dreams, their regrets and fears, the word “legacy” is one that comes up over and over. It’s a word that carries much weight and many meanings. Most of us, of course, are concerned about our legacy in its most tangible manifestation: a financial bequest or endowment. Regardless of our financial bracket, we hope to maximize whatever we may be able to pass down to our heirs.

The Grandest Love bespeaks an investment in grandchildren’s lives that goes beyond money.  We hope that, in some way, the deepest principles that have guided our own lives, will be carried forth by them as they forge their unique paths into the future.

I’m sure I didn’t coin this phrase, but it captures the idea beautifully:  we want to leave values, not only valuables

I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can “bequeath” both values and valuables while you’re still around to enjoy it. Learn how to work with your grandchildren and their parents (aka your adult children) to institute Family Meetings. Discuss your Family Values. Introduce The Four Jars. Devise your own family’s “Living Legacy Foundation.”

A Living Legend's Living Legacy

A Living Legend’s Living Legacy

Read top selections from Jerry Witkovsky’s “Legacy” Column in Grand Magazine, compiled in honor of his 90th birthday in March 2018. Click here to open the book online.